What would my first semester of college look like if it wasn’t for EOP

One question that came to my mind when I finished my first semester at Chico State was “How would my first semester at Chico State look like if I wasn’t an EOP student?” Being an EOP first generation student here at Chico State has changed my ways of looking at my education. Looking back at my High School days, I didn’t really give a shit about turning my work on time because the teachers just used to baby you and would be on your ass all the time. However, reflecting back this previous semester, I remember the first weeks of my University 101 class my professor told us that when we start our second semester that we will not see some of the people we saw during the first semester. This really put fear in my head because I did not have good habits back in high school and not seeing some of my friends that I met back in Summer Bridge really made me value my education even more.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, attending to some of the workshops that EOP set up for us helped me obtain a better understanding of what is expected in college. For example, I remember attending a workshop about time management and something that I learned in that workshop was how to avoid procrastination. I learned to start my work a few days in advance or make a plan for each week to complete my assignments on time. I feel like I’ve gotten better at not procrastinating because I set my mind on a specific day to getting my work done and at the end of the day, I benefit by having more than enough time to do what I want to do and that’s what’s cool. Honestly, if it wasn’t for EOP and the requirements that they set on us I wouldn’t be here sitting down in this chair at this moment. I know most of us when we hear that we have to attend a workshop or have meetings with our para pro’s or just simple things that EOP ask from us we think “aww hell nah I hate going to these things that EOP makes us do”. At the end of the day, we are the ones who will benefit from this not them.

Some of the things that would be different for me if I wasn’t in EOP is I wouldn’t feel as connected to the campus, I wouldn’t have the benefit of picking my classes that I want or get first pick on them, or even get the benefit of talking to my para pro or even get to print at the EOP office. Most of all, I have met some people who really made an impact in my life. If it wasn’t for Summer Bridge, I wouldn’t have the friends that I have now. I am grateful that I have people who I can go to for help or just even to talk. I know I can always count on them no matter what.




3 thoughts on “What would my first semester of college look like if it wasn’t for EOP

  1. There seems to be two sides of this post. The one set up and touched on in the title, and the other that identifies how EOP has helped you. This created some initial confusion for me as a reader. Based on the title, I expected you to create an alternative narrative of what might be your reality if you hadn’t been in EOP. Your second paragraph touches on this idea and your third expands on it, but it feels list-like instead of narrative-like. This is a good approach, but I’d have rather heard a story of how you think your semester would have been without EOP. Think of something like starting the story with the final day of the first semester without any support from EOP and how your “narrator” (in this case an imagined version of yourself) would be feeling and how he’d be doing in college. You would be able to speak with terms like “without those tedious workshops enforcing and re-enforcing time management, he procrastinated on Sunday, then took a test on Monday. The grade isn’t posted yet, but his chances aren’t looking so great.” I’m writing this long suggestion because I think your title is fantastic and you start your post with an intriguing hook. All of it set me up to expect a short story. Your blog post is great, I think it’d be cool if you considered writing it like a short story however. If this isn’t how you want your blog to function that’s cool too, I just thought I’d share an idea that I think you could use well.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Being an eop student i understand what you mean by saying “if it wasnt for EOP.” personally i dont know what my college experience would have been like if it wasnt for eop either. i probably wouldnt have joined any other group or i probably wouldnt have joined an organization that’ll help me through college at all. i appreciate EOP and everything that they have guided me through my first semester of college.


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